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When will my order arrive?

Shipping times will vary between items. However, our domestic warehouses are distributed strategically. Most items will arrive within 3-7 business days. Use the tracking number provided to know the current location. 
Do you offer free shipping?
Great news! We offer free shipping on all items, anywhere in the US.
How will my order be shipped?
If you place a large order, it may be fulfilled in multiple shipments. You will be notified with separated tracking code.
Where is my tracking number?
We will send you your tracking number the moment your order leaves our warehouses. You will receive it by e-mail at the same address you entered during check-out. If you didn't receive or have lost the e-mail, you can sign in into your account on our website to review your order. If you checked-out as guest, contact our sales representative at sales@AwesomeEbikesOnline.com

About E-Bikes

Do you offer help choosing the best size? Absolutely! 

Size Chart

Need help choosing the right size? Here is a general chart that applies to most bikes. E-bikes are no different. If sizes are different than listed below it will be in the product description. If you still need help choosing the right bike we will gladly help you. Simply e-mail us at: info@AwesomeEbikesOnline.com or text/call us at 941-479-0838

Rider Height Leg Inseam Suggested Frame
Feet/Inches Centimeters Inches Centimeters Size
4`10”-5`1” 148-158 cm 24-29” 61-73 cm XS
5`1″-5`5″ 158-168 cm 25-30” 63-76 cm S
5`5″-5`9″ 168-178 cm 26-31” 66-78 cm M
5`9″-6`0″ 178-185 cm 27`-32` 68-81 cm L
6`0″-6`3″ 185-193 cm 28`-33` 71-83 cm XL
6`1″-6`6″ 193-198 cm 29`-34` 73-86 cm XXL


Do e bikes come assembled?

The items come partially assembledIt can be assembled by most people with minimum tools very easily. Wheels, handlebar and more need to installed. They come with instructions and some models even have a video to guide you along. If you think this is not in your skills, any bike shop will do it in less than 15min for a very low price.

What are the benefits of an E bike? 

As you've probably already seen, the price of an electric bike- even an electric conversion kit and battery- is a little steep. It might even turn some off to the idea of e-bikes all together, but trust us: if you're going to drop some serious money on your next ride it should be a bike that makes your life easier while also keeping you active, too!

  • An electric bike is an ideal cross between a moped and a regular bicycle. You get motor power so that you can travel further and faster than would be possible on a standard pushbike, but unlike a moped, e-bikes can be ridden on sidewalks, in bike lanes and through parks. If you thought it was convenient to park a motorcycle or scooter, e-bikes are that much easier to park and much more versatile to ride than street-bound bikes. As an added bonus, in most areas, you will not require any special license or registration papers in order to ride your electric bike on the road, things you'll definitely need with gas-powered vehicles.
  • Electric bikes are a great form of exercise. Since an electric motor is chiefly designed to assist pedal propulsion, not replace it completely, a bulk of movement the bike has comes from you, the rider. However, the motor gives you the opportunity to boost your own pedal power, so that you can travel faster and further than would be possible on a traditional bicycle. That's what makes e-bikes a fantastic choice for anyone who may struggle with riding a standard bicycle due to joint pain, knee problems or other medical conditions. Instead of a hard struggle to crest a steep hill, getting through a headwind or pedaling the entire distance to and from work, an electric motor can be engaged to give the rider that extra push required to take the pressure off. 
  • E-bikes are considered to be a “green” transportation option. The increased public awareness in recent years of the need to decrease greenhouse gas emissions has led to a movement of everyday people who are putting aside their gas-guzzling cars and gas-powered bike in favor of an electric bicycle.
  • Electric bikes typically feature a more upright seating position than most traditional pushbikes- These bikes are suitable for anyone who may suffer from back and neck pain when riding. Sitting upright also reduces pressure on the wrists, resulting in a more comfortable and relaxed ride. Additionally, this elevated posture allows you an improved view of your surroundings, meaning that you are in a better position to watch out for moving traffic and any other obstacles that could create a potential hazard for unwary riders.
  • With an e-bike, you can commute to and from work quickly and easily. Many people like the idea of riding a bike to work as part of their daily commute, but the reality of a long distance ride, crazy terrain and extended travel time can be enough to put off even the most enthusiastic of riders. Many electric bike models are capable of travelling 15-20 mph and have a range of 20+ miles from a single charge, although some can travel as far as 50 miles from a single charge, increased to 80 miles when using the Pedal Assist System. So instead of slogging it out up and down hills on a pushbike, or being trapped in your car for rush hour traffic, electric bikes can solve all of these problems since they can help you travel further and faster without breaking a sweat. 
  • Electric bikes are typically considered to be more resistant to theft than a traditional pushbike. Since many e-bikes require a key in order to operate them theft of an e-bike is usually much more difficult than a standard bike. Electric bikes are also available with removable batteries (so you can carry it into your home or office when the e-bike is not in use), providing an additional challenge to any would-be bike thief.

 What style of frame is best? 

When it comes to choosing the best electric bike frame for you, unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all" solution. Instead, determining the best e-bike frame for you depends on three factors: 1) the style of riding you want to engage in; 2) its comfort for your overall height and weight; and 3) ease of mounting and dismounting the bike

1)  There are plenty of frames for any style of riding: Electric bikes are available in a range of styles that relate to the type of riding they are best suited for. While there are hybrid e-bikes that blend styles together, the most popular frames include:

                      i. Commuting – These are closer to road and city bike frames. Specifically designed for regular commutes to work, commuter e-bikes are road bikes with lightweight frames and narrow tires. They often include added extras such as luggage racks for storing a work bag, lights and reflectors for travelling at night and fenders to prevent mud from spattering up on your clothes.

                     ii. Cruising – These frames are based off beach cruiser-style frames. Cruising frames are ideal for relaxed riding and day trips along the coast. These cruisers are stylish and comfortable with an upright seating position, wide tires and swept-back handlebars.

                    iii. Fat Tire – These actually come in many styles (like cruiser and mountain bike styles). They're sometimes referred to as off-road or adventure bikes because these electric bicycles are built to accommodate all terrain “fat tires” that are at least 4” wide. However, these wheels require oversized rear and front forks, which then usually enlarges the overall size of the frame. While they can definitely be ridden comfortably on paved roads, the extra wide tires mean they can also ride easily across sand, snow and a variety of other challenging terrains.

                    iv. Folding– These frames are very basic and kind of small. That said, folding e-bikes are a great choice for anyone who wants to take their e-bike with them on vacation or who has limited storage space at home. They will generally have smaller tires (12-16" to reduce their overall size) and a 1-to-3 bar frame that either collapses down or folds back in half when the folding mechanism is activated.

                     v. Mountain– These frames are exactly like you've seen before: cro-mag, triangle frames with a slight downward slope to the crossbar. Electric mountain bikes are built for riding on rough trails over a variety of terrains just like non-electric MTB's. They are usually heavier than a cruiser or commuter e-bike and have been built with heavy-duty suspension systems to absorb any hard hits you encounter. Mountain bike frames will usually have flat or upright handlebars so riders can lean forwards over them.

                   vi. Comfort E-Bikes – Comfort frames are a little funky: they sort of look like step-through cruisers mixed with a recumbent bike. However, the comfort range of electric bicycles is ideal for anyone seeking a gentle form of transport that won’t put unnecessary strain on your body. With upright seating and pedals that are higher, riders will be able to sit more naturally and pedal without extending their legs as far as is necessary for more traditional bike frames.