What Are Mountain E-bikes?

What Are Mountain E-bikes?

If you are a lover of mountain biking or want to try out mountain biking in the near future, then you may wonder whether an electric mountain bike is a good fit for you.


An electric mountain bike has a motor, battery, and pedal sensors to help making riding a little easier. Most mountain e-bikes have a type of power called pedelec or pedal assist that work when you pedal. Mountain e-bikes tend to be bigger and weigh more than regular mountain bikes.


There are some pros and cons of having a mountain e-bike. On the pro side, you’ll get extra help while you ride. This is excellent for older riders or riders who may have had injuries and can’t put in as much effort as they have in the past. Because e-bikes are easier to maneuver, you can go farther and faster.


On the con side, mountain e-bikes are considered more controversial in the U.S.  as some riders view having an e-bike as “cheating.” However, this view isn’t as prevalent in Europe, where all types of e-bikes are more common. In fact, the growth of e-bikes in many European countries has spurred many non-traditional bike riders to give the bikes a try, according to the website MTB Treks.


Mountain e-bikes also tend to be heavier than traditional mountain bikes (an average of 40 to 50 lbs. total weight per bike). Additionally, you have to think about battery life and how far you can go before needing to recharge.


If you think that a mountain e-bike could be right for you, here are a few tips:


  1. Look at a few different models to compare features and prices.
  2. Ride your finalists so you get a better feel for the bikes.
  3. Check the regulations where you plan to ride your e-bike. Some areas may have restrictions on e-bikes.
  4. Find out about shipping costs. These costs can add to your total budget. At Awesome E-bikes, our shipping is always free!


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