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How E-Bikes Are Different From Regular Bikes

How E-Bikes Are Different From Regular Bikes

Maybe you’ve heard recently about electric bikes and you’re wondering if they’re worth a try. You probably also have questions about how they’re different from regular bikes. Here’s the scoop.

  • E-bikes have an electric motor. In fact, an electric bike is pretty similar to a regular bike. The biggest difference, however, is that an e-bike an electric motor and a battery. There also are ways on the bike to control its power.
  • E-bikes make it easier to maneuver hills and wind. This makes it especially useful for novice riders or older riders with joint issues.
  • You can choose your modality with an e-bike. Some people think that e-bikes are “cheating.” If you’re worried about that, then you can make the choice of using the motor or using a pedal-only mode. You don’t have that flexibility with a regular bike. With a regular bike, your physical effort is the only option.
  • You’ll need to repair electric parts with an e-bike specialist. It’s not common to have problems with the electric components of an e-bike. However, if you do, you have to contact an e-bike specialist. That said, for any other problems with the bike, you can use your regular neighborhood repair shop.
  • There are slightly more regulations with e-bikes. E-bikes are considered motorized transportation, so some areas may have slightly more regulations regarding where you can use e-bikes. Some areas also may have a minimum age requirement, such as age 14. Still, you can usually use e-bikes along the same trails and areas where you would use a regular bike.
  • There’s a cost difference. E-bikes are usually more expensive than regular bikes. However, think of e-bikes in a similar cost category or mopeds or scooters. When you compare e-bikes to those types of transportation items, you’re actually getting a better deal with an e-bike. When comparing the cost of e-bikes versus regular bikes, you probably are getting a better long-term bargain with an e-bike because you’ll use it more often.

Let us know any other questions you have about the differences between e-bikes and regular bikes. We’re happy to help!

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