6 Benefits of Bicycling Outside

If you’re like us, you probably hear different ads every day for pricey, indoor exercise bikes. Or, if you go to a gym, there are spinning classes and also stationary bikes. Although all of these may have their place among fitness routines, we here at Awesome E-bikes believe in the power of bicycling outside. Here are six benefits of outdoors bicycling—and why we think you should join us in cycling outdoors on an e-bike!

  1. You get fresh air. If you’re cooped up indoors most of the day with work, we think this benefit is especially important for you.
  2. You get to enjoy the sunshine. We’re fortunate to live in the Sunshine State, with blue skies and sun most days of the year. Plus, aside from the hottest of hot in the summer, the weather is usually great for cycling. 
  3. It’s easier to stay active. Cycling outdoors is an excellent way to lose weight and stay fit. Although you could say the same about indoor cycling, we think this benefit is even stronger for outdoors cycling due to benefit #4 below.
  4. Outdoors cycling staves off boredom. One common complaint of those who use indoor exercise machines, including bikes, is boredom. They’re seeing the same view day after day. You definitely can’t say the same thing with outdoor cycling. If you’re using an e-bike, this is especially true because you can go farther with it….expanding your view of the world around you. Before you know it, you’ve clocked in a great workout.
  5. One word: Multitasking. If you use an indoor bike, you stay in one place the whole time. By contrast, if you’re on an outdoors bike, you can potentially run errands at the same time. So, you work in a workout while also working in things you need to get done. You’ll likely enjoy that time more than you would if you were cooped up in a car doing errands.
  6. There are a variety of fitness challenges. Whether you want easy trails or mountain bike-level treks, outdoor biking offers up just as many, if not more, selections than indoor biking. If you’re new to cycling and e-bikes, you can start easy on a flat trail and work up to longer, hilly rides. 

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