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4 Awesome Bike Trails in the Southeast U.S.

The Southeast U.S. has a wide variety of biking trails that you can explore with your electric bike. Here’s the scoop on four areas with some awesome bike trails. Many biking trails are open to both regular bikes and e-bikes, but double check local or state rules before you set off on your trek. Happy biking!

  1. Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham, Alabama. The park’s 20.5-mile Red Trail is named one of the world’s Epic Trails by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, according to Southern Living magazine. The park also has seven miles of trails labeled as beginner and intermediate. The Lake Trail, which is three miles, has great views of a lake, and the Family Trail is one mile and not overly hilly. The park also has a sandy beach, camping, canoe rentals, a bike wash, and a trail-building bike club. Oak Mountain State Park is Alabama’s largest state park.
  2. Jekyll Island, Georgia. The biking legacy in Jekyll Island started more than a 100 years ago, when the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and other wealthy families came to this coastal area in the winter. The island loop is about 16 miles and is mostly paved and flat, according to Coastal Living magazine. While enjoying your bike ride, you can also take in the view of gorgeous cottages and the impressive Jekyll Island Club Hotel.
  3. Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. Now here’s a unique way to take in the Florida Keys. This trail includes more than 90 miles of trails paved in segments along what is a planned 106-mile corridor from Key Largo to Key West, according to the trail’s website. The trail is designed both for cyclists and pedestrians and parallels U.S. Highway 1. The trail provides access to various sightseeing destinations and ecological resources, including Everglades national Park, Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge, Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and 10 Florida state parks. Some of the state parks offer camping. There may still be some hurricane clean-up on certain parts of the trail, so check online before you travel to stay aware of any trail closings or clean-up areas.
  4. Biking trails around Roanoke, Virginia. Scenic Roanoke, Virginia has a variety of mountain biking trails, including 13 miles of trails in Mill Mountain Park and Carins Cove, with almost 60 miles of mostly intermediate and advanced trail, according to an article from Bicycling.com. Another Roanoke trail idea: Four Gorge has three miles of flow trail, and some real ups and downs along Rattlin’ Run trail. There are also more pensive trails in George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Check out the article from Bicycling.com for more recommendations on where to eat, stay, and enjoy a beer when you’re in the Roanoke area.

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